Natalie Pickett

You failed….but it’s time to Bounce Back.

As you pursue success, you will (and probably already have)  experienced failure. As I shared last week in Failure not an Option part 1 and Failure not an Option part 2, there are ways that you can work to prevent failure in life.  But, at the same time, if things don’t turn out as planned, if you do have a big mess-up, you have to bounce back. Why? because despite it all, you are created for a specific purpose and part of meeting your purpose face-to-face is bouncing back from failure.

So Natalie, how can I begin to bounce back? 

  • Own up to It

Sometimes this is the hardest part-admitting that you messed up. I believe that expressing your mistakes and taking ownership of your part in what went wrong frees you to move forward.

  • Let go of  your Regrets

Let go of the sadness and disappointment in what didn’t work out.  OK, the business plan wasn’t accepted. Your request got rejected this time BUT it’s time to bounce back.  Do you know that remaining in a regretful space keeps you dwelling on your past? The more you regret, the less you can see your future.  Let it go and move forward.

  • Stabilize your mind

Failure has a way of making you think differently about yourself- and not in a good way. On your road to bouncing back from failure, ask God to put your mind in the right place.  Ask him to help you remember who you are.  Ask Him to give you back your creativity and confidence.  Finally ask Him to keep your mind stable by giving you the same thoughts that He has towards you.

Yup, it’s time.  Today, I want you to begin to apply these three tips as you start to bounce back.  It’s still going to happen.  There is still time and nothing beats a failure but good, strong a bounce back!

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Till next time!


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