Natalie Pickett

Work With Your Now

Are you wondering what’s next in life? You know, your next promotion, relationship status change, your next job or big move? I know. I’ve been there too.  But let me throw this at you (Ready? Catch). Maybe, just maybe your next has not been revealed to you because you are not finished with your now.  I know. It’s hard to embrace, right? So often we are looking ahead that we neglect to give the proper time, energy and patience into what is currently in our care.

Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have you done everything on your current “to-do” list?

Like launching the business you wrote a plan for last year? Or what about the book you began to write three months ago? Oh and don’t forget the payment plan you were supposed to put in place in order to pay off that debt. 

I’ve come to learn that if you have unfinished business, God is not going to give you your next set of directions or move you on to the next thing. Why? because you have not shown Him (or yourself) that you can be trusted to follow through with the assignments and responsibilities He has already placed in your hands. There is no need to move onto the next if you haven’t followed through with your current agenda.

      2. Have you learned from past mistakes?

If you have not learned from past mistakes made in your relationships, your business, your finances etc., your next needs to wait. There’s no need to be in a hurry just to make the same mistakes over again.  If there are areas that need improvement (not perfection) work on those. Some things need to be in fixed before you progress. If they are not, moving on up may quickly fizzle on out.

    3.   Have you watered the seeds you already planted?

This kind of piggy-backs off of question #1. I mean, if you have started things that you know God placed in your heart to do, have you carefully attended to them? Have you been consistent with giving it time and energy? Have you prayed for it, sought wise counsel if needed? Have you worked daily to grow it some kind of way? Have you been patient with seeing it grow or did you quickly tossed it to the side? Could it be that you’ve planted a seed that has not gotten much sunshine or water?  🙁 

Moving on to the next will require even more discipline and commitment than what you have now. If you haven’t tended to the garden of your current dreams, why plant another garden on the other side of the field (ok, I’m done with the analogies)?

Work with your now.

Whatever is currently in your care, tend to it, build it, water it, learn everything you can from it. If you have not given your all to your current assignment, dream, idea, can you honestly say you’re ready to move forward?

Don’t see your present as a setback. It’s here to set you up for better BUT, you have to do your part- intentionally, consistently and passionately.  

Till next time,


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