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Teach Your Kids to be a Superhero in their own Community!

Happy Super Hero Day!  In case you didn’t know, National Superhero day was created by employees at Marvel Comics 1995 and has grown throughout the years to now celebrate all heroes near and far!

I asked my boys how they and other children their age could be a “Superhero” in their own neighborhood/community.  From our 1o minute conversation, they came up with some really good thoughts/ideas.  Check them out.  

“Help take care of your neighborhood/community.  Pick up trash, recycle and do not litter.” Ramsey, 8

” If you see one of your neighbors who needs help taking their groceries out the car, raking leaves or shoveling the snow, offer to help them. Be of service.” Reginald, 12″ 

“Make sure you have a side kick like Robin was to Batman. You need someone to help you do good.” Reese, 9

“Call 911 in an emergency.” Ramsey, 8

“Look out for the safety of your neighbors and be nice. Say hello to them.” Reese, 9

“Raise money for a cause or a family in need that lives close by. You can also volunteer.” Reginald 12

These are definitely pretty easy acts of service/kindness to perform, with your supervision of course. I encourage you to teach your children to serve others, be kind, care for their community! Oh and don’t forget to bring a sidekick along to help spread the love  😉  

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