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Move out of the Complain Zone

Complaining comes so easy to many of us.  I mean, if something is not going  the way that we want or if we are annoyed/frustrated with a particular situation, complaining can quickly become a song we find ourselves singing all day long.  For the past few weeks, I have become aware of how much I can complain at times.  It actually bothered me and I think it got on God nerves too.  🙁   It was so bothersome because I found myself in a different place mentally and emotionally.

And then God reminded me of this:

 Do everything without complaining or arguing.” Philippians 2:14

As I thought about why He doesn’t want us to complain and evaluated the effects complaining had on me, it became a bit clear why we should keep a complain free zone in our lives.

1. Complaining changes your mindset

It makes you think negative, negative and more negative.  The more you complain, the more you squeeze that positive mindset out of your day.  And do you know what a negative mindset does?  It drains your energy, motivation and passion. I get it, everything may not be going how you want it to go BUT I bet if you look, you can still see God’s blessings around you.  So that’s why you HAVE to keep a grateful mindset when stuff sucks.  If not, complaining will keep you stuck in negativity.

2. Complaining shifts your focus

Because when you have a negative mindset, you will focus on all the wrong things. Now this is extremely important when you have goals to meet, purpose to pursue and things to get done.  How can you possibly move forward and make things happen when you are in a complain zone?  It’s such a trick of the enemy too.  He knows that if you put all your focus in the wrong place, he will keep you from making progress.

3. Complaining wastes time

I mean seriously, what does complaining do for you? I’m trying to figure out what it’s done for me?  Like nothing.  All it does is keep you down, unproductive and moody.  So pretty much, complaining will rob you of the time God has given you to to do good and moving forward.

4. Complaining produces a cycle of discouragement

The more you complain, the more you develop a negative mindset which keeps you focused on all the wrong things. All that does is produce a cycle of discouragement.  Complaining will eventually cause you to lack confidence, courage and hope for the particular situation you keep complaining about. Trust me, this cycle will keep going and going unless you make it stop.

So, Natalie, what can I do when I find myself complaining?

  1. Look for the blessings around you and begin to thank God for that. This will help change your mindset.
  2. Keep moving-don’t lay down and mope. Get out. Take a walk. Work on a project-focus on doing something good.
  3. Don’t fall for the tricks of the enemy- If you stay in the complain zone, the enemy is trying to keep you from producing.  So don’t fall for it.  Know that your purpose and your goals must go forward and can’t be stopped.

Till next time yal!  Oh and have you signed up for my midweek motivation?  Please do!  



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