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Monday Motivation: Be Open to the Unexpected

I am so glad you’re back to get your mind right for the week!

You do know it’s the last Monday in January right? Wow!  So crazy! Time is flying yal!  This month my goal was to write posts that would encourage you to set goals for your year and work to accomplish them;  Goals that are specific and aligned with the purpose God has for you.  And while I have taken my own advice and been working hard to stay on task…

Something totally unexpected happened.

An opportunity was dropped in my lap last week that has nothing to do with how I envisioned my year. Is it tied to my purpose? Yep.  Is it something I am passionate about? Absolutely.  Have I made a decision yet? Nope.  But what I have learned and the mindset for our week is…..

Be Open to the Unexpected

At times, God has a way of reminding you that He is in control by rearranging things or “surprising” you with something you hadn’t planned at all (Check out the third point in my first blog post for 2018 )

While you may not understand how the unexpected  connects to everything, trust that whatever God does is perfect.

So this week, if something unexpected comes your way, don’t immediately close the door.  Pray on it. Seek wise counsel.  Let God speak to you.  And as this year moves on, be open to the unexpected.  


Much Love!


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  1. Martha Adams

    January 31, 2018 at 6:27 AM

    I know that’s right

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