Natalie Pickett

Monday Mindset: Make Room For New

“Go ahead and let go of the old things that are in the way. 

God is waiting on you to make room for Him to move in your life.”

So I posted this on Instagram Saturday night and it has been in my spirit ever since. Why? because I believe that God is ready to do great things in your life.  However, I’ve noticed that although we say “we’re ready,” we find it extremely hard to let go and move out of our comfortable places.  

That comfortable place may be a relationship, a job, your daily routine or your mindset. If you are really ready for the new-better and greater life God has for you, you have to let go.  For some of you, there are  people you need to remove from your life.  For a few of you, your work environment is no longer suitable.  For others, your negative mindset and complaining mentality has got to go. 

Now “letting go” does not always mean to literally remove yourself from a specific place, instead it means to surrender.  It is time for you to let go of your NEED to control everyone and everything and finally let God actually BE God in your life.  

This week, evaluate the people in your life, the positions you hold as well as the mindset and attitude you have.  What do you need to let go of OR surrender to God?  And NO, this is not your “confirmation” to leave your marriage because you’re going through a rough season or to quit your job because your boss annoys you.  But God IS requiring you to make room for Him to do a new thing!  Oh and when you choose to let go, totally expect great things to happen!

Here’s to an amazing and fulfilling week.  



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