Natalie Pickett

Monday Mindset: I’m All In

If you’re reading this, that means you are ready to get your mind right for the upcoming week and for that, I’m excited.  

Your Mindset: I’m All In

Whatever you do this week, wherever you go, give it ALL your energy, creativity, strength, intellect and passion. 

Even at the grocery store? Yup, even there. Make your shopping list, walk those aisles with a purpose, shop wisely, smile to your fellow shoppers and say something positive to the cashier (LOL but seriously).

Another thing that goes with being ALL IN is to BE PRESENT.  Don’t just be at work, home, school, relationships, business, etc. physically, but be there in heart, mind and spirit.  Be present with a spirit of expectation, excitement and ready to work!  

Minimize your complaints and give it your all. 

No 1/2 stepping or showing up with a “this sucks” attitude.  No looking at the glass half empty.  Bring ALL OF YOU wherever you go and with that mindset, you are going to have one amazing week!  

Much Love,


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