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Monday Mindset: I am One Amazing Child of God

 Hello Everyone!

I’m so happy you joined me for week 2 of wrapping up 2017!  Week one was amazing and I hope you have begun to apply the blog post and devotions.  I’m excited about week 2 because as we move forward into 2018, there is one thing you must remember and it’s our mindset for the week: 

You are one amazing Child of God

As you take on this positive approach to ending 2017 strong as well as making mind-blowing  plans for 2018, don’t be surprised if negative, defeating thoughts come to mind.  It pretty much never fails. When you make a conscious, effort to do better, the enemy gets mad and does what he can to keep your mindset at an all time low.  This is why knowing who you are is so important.  

Before I head on out of here, I want you to remember these things:

  • God IS going to complete the good work He started in you.
  • God needs you to put your faith to work and get active in getting things done.
  • Use the rest of this month to refresh your mind as to who God says you are.  
  • Pray over your mind daily and ask God to fill your thoughts with HIS thoughts towards you.  
  • If you put in the work this month, expect to see results by December 31, 2017!


So are you with me?  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.  I will be sharing doses of encouragement on each!  And please download this week’s devotion as well; all geared towards knowing who you are in Christ! 

Much Love,


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