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Monday Mindset: Gratefulness on 200%


Gratitude: readiness to show appreciation for and

to return kindness.

What a great mindset to have as we are days away from Thanksgiving.  I must admit, I’m stealing this wisdom from my husband, Reggie Pickett.  His message on Sunday (#thankfulness) was such a great reminder for all of us so let me share my takeaways!   

  • Don’t let your circumstances cause you to be unappreciative.

Things may not be going great for you right now.  The financial and emotional struggle may be affecting your thoughts and emotions.  Don’t become so consumed with what’s going wrong in your own life that you cannot see what’s going right or how others are supporting you.  Even if it is just one person,  look for a way to return the kindness and support they have given you.

  • Don’t have an entitlement attitude

Please, please don’t walk around as if you are deserving of privileges or special treatment.  Yes, we should all be treated with respect.  And no, there is nothing wrong with special treatments here and there. But when we have a mindset as if we do not have to do anything and should have everything handed to us, it leads to arrogance, selfishness and a lack humility.  This will totally wipe out your heart of gratitude.  Stay humble and grateful for all you have. 

  • Don’t take for granted the things you receive on a regular basis

You know: clothes, shelter, food, fresh air….. while for most of us, these needs are supplied consistently, this is not the case for others.  Make sure to show gratitude each day for the little things. 

This week, I want you to be super grateful and appreciative! Not only that but I want you to look for ways to return kindness. Think about something you can do for someone who you appreciate or who has helped you along the way. 

Much Love,


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