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Monday Mindset: Be Persistent

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was amazing!  I few days ago I shared a short dose of encouragement of periscope titled: Are you willing to be Persistent

Today I want to provide you with some more insight on this topic! As you go through this week and tackle your goals, you will have to demonstrate this quality.  So here we go:


  • You will have to knock…..probably more than once.

If there is something that you desire to do.  If there is an opportunity you want to be a part of; maybe it’s a business that you want to connect with in order to help you reach your goals; it can also be a prayer that you need answered,  Whatever this means to you, you will have to keep knocking (Luke 11:5-10).  By knocking I mean emailing, calling, setting up time for coffee.  Keep knocking until you get a response.  A lot of times, people need to know that you are committed to your cause, goal or idea before they give you a chance or hear what you have to say (real talk).  So if you reach out once or twice and don’t get a response, knock until you do.

  • You will have to work

Being persistent can be tiring. You may not feel like writing another email or researching more information. Hey, in my opinion, being persistent SHOULD leave you tired….if you’re doing it right.  Being tired is not always a bad thing. It can mean that you have put in some work to get the job done.  Don’t expect things to just fall out of the sky into your lap.  You have to put in the blood, sweat and tears over and over in order to see your vision become a reality.

  • You will have to step out of your comfort-zone

Persistence will cause you to possibly do something you’re not use to doing.  It may feel weird at first. You may feel like you are totally annoying the person you keep calling (and you maybe lol) but in order to get to that next level, you have to do something you have never done before. Comfort for you may mean calling it quits once an obstacle gets in your way.  But persistence will cause you to keep going in spite of difficulty and challenges. 

So has you move through this week, be persistent!  But in the work, step out your comfort zone and keep that mindset as you go forward each day!  

Much Love, 



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