Natalie Pickett

Don’t Resist the Stretch


  • to make great demands on the capacity or resources of.
  • to cause (someone) to make maximum use of their talents or abilities.
  • a difficult or demanding task

Anyone out there feeling like their life is just one big stretch right now? Feeling strained or as if you are being pulled farther than you ever have been before? Are the demands on your life so great that sometimes you have no idea how or even if you can live up to them? Are your gifts, talents and abilities being shifted to a level that has you feeling uncomfortable?  Are you are faced with some difficult tasks, some heavy decisions and/or are being bombarded by the needs of other people?  If any of this relates to you, it sounds like you’re in a middle of a good stretching.

Yup, God is stretching you because even though you may not be ready, HE is ready to put you to work… a good work that is. Don’t resist the stretch though because it is happening in your life for a couple of reasons… and it’s a good thing.

S– God is strengthening you.  He is strengthening your mind, will power, patience, talents and abilities. So yes, all the stress, pressure and pull you feel is there to make you stronger my friend.

T– You are being trained in order to operate at the next level.  God is teaching you and providing opportunities for you to grow in your talents, gifts and abilities.  Why? Because you have a great work to do my friend!

R – God is ripening you. He is using all of these experiences to grow you and mature you so that you’re in the best condition possible to be successful in the plans that he has for you.

– This stretch is helping you to evolve.  God is using this time to develop you and advance you.  During this time, you are gradually growing and becoming new.

T – Oh trust me. During this stretching season, you will be tested.  There are several reasons God sends tests (and trials) our way.  Through these tests, He will learn (well actually you will learn because He already knows) how committed you are to following Him and being true to yourself.

C– Being stretched usually means that God is calling you to a deeper and closer walk with Him. It is required because of the call He has on your life.

H-He is going to hold you accountable.  Fact is that if God is trusting you, He is requiring more from you.  No more excuses.  No more inconsistency. He expects you to be responsible and to stay committed no matter what.

So once again, embrace the stretch.  It’s here to make you better! Till next time! 

Much Love,



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  1. Martha B. Adams

    August 3, 2017 at 6:34 AM

    Yes Lord, I’m being stretched. Help!

  2. Martha B. Adams

    August 3, 2017 at 6:35 AM

    Yes Lord God continues to make me

  3. Martha B. Adams

    August 3, 2017 at 6:36 AM

    Yes Lord God continues to make me into the image that he wants me to be

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