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Developing Habits of Success

It’s April yal!  So you know what that means, we have entered the 2nd quarter of 2017! I’m excited. Now I must admit, the last week of the 1st quarter was a bit rough but nope, I’m not quitting and I hope you share my sentiments!

To keep you motivated and consistent, over the next few weeks I will share with you 6/8 habits to develop as you continue to reach for new levels in your business, profession and/or personal goals. These are inspired from the book Successfully Women think Differently by Valerie Burton.

  • Feel fear but operate in courage

Don’t be surprised if fear tries to creep it’s ugly head up into your goals and visions this quarter. It only comes to bring you doubt and have you second guessing the ideas and plans that you have in place. Fear comes to scare you so that you won’t leap.

While there will be times that you feel fear, you have to stare it in the face and push forward in courage.  Do not let the feeling of fear run your life and have you remaining in the same place you were this time last year.  

So, the next time fear tries to push you down, walk right up to it with courage, knock it out the way and work your goals out with boldness!

  • Progress through your obstacles

Progress? Through my obstacles?  Yep, that’s what I said. Progress means that you are moving towards a goal.  You are advancing and developing.  I mean, what better time  is there to grow than during the tough times?

Let’s face it. The good times are easy but you really see what you’re made of when obstacles come your way.  Trust me, as you move to new levels, things will TRY to get in your way but you have to work through them. So keep moving. Have your plan B, C and D ready to go.  Work through the glitches and bumps in the road because when you do, you come out stronger, wiser and so much better.  

Well that’s enough for now 😉 Next post, I’ll share a few more.  Be encouraged. Keep working hard. Be consistent and let Quarter 2 of 2017 know that you are here to win!

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