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Delays: Benefits and Blessings in Disguise

Hey Everyone:

Just want to leave you with a quick thought. Perhaps you’ve experienced a delay in life recently (just like myself) and nope, I’m not talking about a flight delay either, lol.

I will admit, my delay initially felt like a setback but as I reflected on the situation, I realized that God was up to something. I mean, maybe, just maybe God strategically used this delay as a benefit or even a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, delays are sent because God wants to make sure we are mentally and physically ready for the next step in our journey.

So let me drop 4 reasons God may send a delay your way.

  • You need Clarity–  Sometimes we are so quick to try to get to the next step in life that we miss key details and our vision is blurred. I believe God sends delays at times to give us space to figure out exactly what to do and which route to take. While He wants you to move forward, I think He more so wants you to have a clear understanding of what you are doing.  Moving forward too fast with a blurry vision can bring a ton of difficulty and frustration.
  • Your Commitment is Questionable– A delay may be God’s way of getting you to see your true level of commitment, patience and perseverance.  Could it be that God is checking to see if you are willing to wait even when things don’t happen when you think it should?  Will you remain faithful to your goals, ideas or dreams even if something slows the process down? Will you remain committed enough to see things through despite the obstacles you face?
  • You need more Time-  Could it be that even though you think you’re ready, God knows you’re not. So, He may send a delay to provide you more time and experience in order to mature and gain wisdom. 
  • You need to rest/ be strengthened – Maybe God wants to settle you down a bit and quiet your spirit. Have you been on the go, go, go without any rest, rest, rest?  Have you been on the move so much that you’ve forgotten to sit still and hear from Him?  Before your next step, God may have placed a delay in your journey because He wants you to take a break, hear from Him and gather strength for the next part of your journey.

Just remember, a delay is not a denial.  God can see way further down the road and if you allow him, even the bumps in the road can be a blessing in disguise.

Till Next Time,


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