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8 Ways to Power Up your Productivity

Happy Saturday Fam!

Is it just me or do you have a lot to do this weekend? I mean for some of us, the weekend is the only time we have to get things done outside of our 9-5s.  If that’s the case or if you need some additional tips on being productive, take a peek below!

  1. Stay in your lane– when you stick to what you need to do and what you’re SUPPOSED to do, you get a lot more done.
  2. Develop a schedule– plan out what you’re going to do ( I live for to-do lists).  Set times to complete specific tasks and stick to it.
  3. Know what times of day work best for you– you may be more of a morning person than night person.  Work to get things done during the time you work best.
  4. Take breaks– It’s quite helpful to take breaks  in between tasks .  This refreshes your mind before you move on to the next….oh and by breaks I mean 30 min max.
  5. Work in a productive atmosphere– Honestly, working in your bedroom (unless you’re cleaning it) may not be the best idea.  Find somewhere that’s more office-like.
  6. Hang with productive people– You are influenced by those you connect with.  Find others who are passionate about being productive.  Schedule a time each month to work together.  Oh and don’t forget the snacks.
  7. Stay in the know– read up on your current project, skill and passion. Ask questions of those who have done it and done it well.
  8. Pray for a spirit of productivity-As bad as one may want to be productive, due to mindsets, habits and lack of discipline, this can be a challenge. Sometimes you may KNOW what you need to do but just don’t feel like doing it. Take time each day to ask God for the strength and discipline to be productive.  

Alright yal!  Make this weekend great!

Live Healthy from the Inside Out,


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