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Truth be told, the posts that I have written  so far this year have kept me focused on accomplishing my 2017 goals!  I hope it has done the same for you.

But you know what, there may come a time this year where you will become tired as you progress in getting things done.  Despite your hard work and consistency, things may (I repeat may) not look like they’re coming together and you may get a strong urge to quit.  Hey, you may feel that way now. So whatever your dreams or goals may be this year whether its improving a relationship, health goal, a new business venture etc. when it gets tough…


And here are four reasons why:

1. You have a purpose

You were born for a purpose.  Your life carries meaning.  You are here for a reason- to accomplish something that only you can do.  And no, your purpose may not be to become a celebrity or the wealthiest person in the world but no matter how big or small, your purpose matters.  

But Natalie, I don’t even know my purpose.  

Discovering your purpose can sometimes be a challenge but I bet that if you carefully evaluated your life, you will find a common pattern of things that all connect to what your purpose is.  So think about your life, yup even all the way back to your childhood.  What things did you gravitate to?  What are you passionate about?  What do you have a burden for?  Those things can help lead you to your life’s purpose.  You know what, that’s exactly what I’m going to write about for this week’s midweek motivation.  So make sure to sign up for it. 😉

2. It’s not about you

It really isn’t.  I mean you will benefit from sticking to the course.  Rewards will come your way because you stayed committed but your purpose is bigger than you. The role that you play in the world has a ripple effect.  You have to keep going so that you can continue the cycle of of love, motivation and success.

Someone needs the special hope you have to give.

So my friend, get out of your own way.  Get out of the way of what God is trying to do through you.  You may be confused.  You may feel used and abused but it is for a greater good.  Your family, friends, neighbors and community need you.  People you don’t even know need you.  So quitting? Nope not an option.

3.  You will always wonder “what if.”

Quitting on a God given purpose/goal will absolutely drive you crazy.  You will be consumed and haunted with the ‘what if,’ questions and the ‘if I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve thoughts. Don’t let ‘I wish I would’ve have…’ be the dominating thought of your life. For sanity’s sake, you must persevere with the dreams and goals that are God-given. Give yourself the opportunity to be sure of where the dream came from and allow yourself to chance to live without those annoying ‘what ifs.’ 

4. You are a fighter

It may not feel great right now.  Maybe you are tired (we get that way at times).  You may not have the resources you desire.  You just may feel like it’s not going to happen and that it’s better (or easier) throw in the towel.

Keep fighting cause you were born to win.

There is a champion in you.  Even if you are tired, discouraged and don’t know how it’s going to all come together, you still have some fight left in you to beat this.  And you know what, go ahead and feel weak in your own power because God is waiting to grace you with His strength.  His power is strongest when you are weak (2 Cor. 12:9).

I need you. We need you. The world needs you to keep going!

Even if this post doesn’t pertain to you at this moment, save it because it may down the road or share it with someone who needs it now.  Can you think of any other reasons you can’t quit? I would love to hear them.  Feel free to comment below!  

Till next time….Much love



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